MyContactApp Provides Tools & Services via a web app to help you share or exchange information simply.

QR POP, the revolutionary sharing devices that makes connecting with others easier than ever!

QR POP allows you to Quickly Redirect to your Prefered Online Page.

The QR POP card is a durably-made card with two QR codes. Each QR code has its own link, and every card lights up with our exclusive contact confirmation when you tap the NFC (which removes any guesswork).

With QR POP you can easily share anything, including digital business cards from any company.

Plus, our cards come with a hole in the corner, so you can wear your card as a neck badge, or put it on your keychain for added convenience. 

QR POP links, stickers, and cards come with a built-in poplink "Linktree page".

Every link can be customized using our unique domains. You can program any link using 1 of 12 current options; such as SMS, contact card, videos, any web link, and more.

No NFC is needed to program the QR POP. Every account comes with the patent-pending online contact card creator with a custom link, and optional online listing. 

QR POP highlights:

  • QR POP comes with a built-in pop Linktree page with every link.
  • You can easily create multiple domains and 12 different link options; including tap/scan, SMS, contact card, videos, and any web link.
  • CONTACT CONFIRMATION - QR POP cards come with a contact confirmation feature, so you can quickly and easily confirm interactions with your customers and contacts.
  • ONLINE CONTACT CARD CREATOR - Each QR POP account comes with the Black Book Content System, which is our patent-pending online contact card creator with a custom link, and an optional online listing.
  • NFC-FREE PROGRAMMING - No NFC is needed to program the QR POP. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone, and you're ready to go!

  • Our Stickers and Cards Light up when the contact connection is confirmed, thus removing the guesswork and adding a huge wow factor!
  • If you tap your card and it doesn't light up, then you can just use the QR Code which comes standard on every device.
  • Our Cards come with two unique QR Codes, with one of the QR codes in sync with the NFC chip.
  • Our Patent Pending technology may be used to share profiles, links, and more from any company.
  • Call, Tap, Text, or Scan to share your information.

One Link Opens Unlimited Pages

Tap & It Lights Up

Worlds First Contact Confirmation Technology.

Tap the card or sticker to your NFC phone and it lights up to confirm contact has been made.

Plus our Pop Card has two QR Codes that work independently
of each other. Use one for personal and one for business?

Watch IT Work

QR Pop Quick Overview

Create A Universal Custom Contact Card Link With MyContactApp

  • First

    Order your QR Pop Device(s).

  • Second

    Check your email for a special link to create your account at

  • Third

    Create a Quick Contact Card LInk while you wait for your QR Pop to arrive. When you set up your QR Pop you can link it to yor Contact Card in about 20 seconds and your Contact Card can redirect users to any link you want after they save your contact information.

    Watch the QR Pop tutorials after you sign up for more information.